Putting together business Intelligence and artificial intelligence in a unified analytics platform

Magic xpi data hub, Knowi, is an all-in-one analytics platform enabling business intelligence teams to combine insights and foresights to trigger data-driven actions that matter.

Machine Learning and Trigger Data-Driven Actions: With Knowi advanced analytics, you can integrate machine learning algorithms directly into your data analytics workflows and automatically trigger actions based on resulting calculations. You can integrate your custom algorithms or tap into our library of open source algorithms.

Data as a service: any data, anywhere for anyone. 

Today’s enterprise data stacks are a mix of diverse data sources that are constantly evolving. Knowi and XPI fully integrates to a wide range of these sources and systems including SQL, NoSQL, ERP, CRM, MES, WMS, SCM, EDIs, flat files, OPC, MQTT and more, to provide data engineers and data scientists can instantly turn into meaningful insights.

Dynamic Data Blending

With storage optimized for specific data types and use cases, data is rarely sourced from a single database anymore. Knowi allows users to blend data across multiple sources on the fly, including munging structured and unstructured data.

Securely Curated Datasets

While you want data access to be flexible, it must also be secure and governed to ensure people are accessing the right data. Knowi includes a number of enterprise-level data security features that enable admins to govern access and curate datasets.


With a Data-as-a-Service solution, Data engineers create virtual datasets by querying and blending data from source systems to create the widest possible dataset. These virtual datasets are exposed to the business users, data scientists, or downstream systems. Users can start slicing and dicing the data using their favorite BI or Data Science tools.

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Erwin Fuchs Business Development Manager at ASSA ABLOY (Schweiz) AG

“We found that Magic xpi provided us with a reliable, robust and agile solution that is easy to support and scale up.”